Announcement regarding my running for Mayor of Tsuruoka City

Date: April 8th , 2017(Sat.) 1:30p.m.

Place: Tsuruoka General Health Welfare Center

Introducing Myself

I was born in Tsuruoka and spent many wonderful years here with my family, friends and the many people who have helped me. I am very proud of our city because of its beautiful nature, long history and rich culture.

After graduating from university, I worked for 17 years in Tokyo, Fukuoka and then in Chicago (U.S.A.) as a public servant. Following that, 3 years ago, I came back to my home here together with my family.

Problems of the city of Tsuruoka

The Tsuruoka city government recently is facing many problems. For example: a shrinking population, a decaying infrastructure, the imbalance of incomes… and in addition, the citizens don’t seem to be able to completely trust it because of various issues: the skyrocketing cost of  construction for the New Culture Center and the failing relationship with our close neighbors in dealing with the garbage problem.

My Determination

I know that the citizens expect their city government to deal with changes in fresh manner. I want to try to resolve these problems in a straight forward manner, working hard as one of the citizens who has a desire to realize our hometown’s development. And in order to set this plan in action, I have decided to stand as a candidate for Mayor in the coming election this October. I will attach the utmost importance to communicating with our citizens and I will make the best of my 17 years of experience as a public servant.

Three Points of Determination

1. I want to change the present city government so that it will better communicate with its citizens.
2. I want to make the city government politically neutral in a way which will be fair to all citizens.
3. I want to urge the following five projects to allow citizens to feel happy about living in this city.
a. Circular economics through innovating resources
b. Protecting citizens’ lives: Improvement of the community health care system, expansion of employment opportunities
c. Preservation of our unique cultural city.
d. Providing necessary services for raising children and their education
e. Making the most of our local history and natural resources

In Conclusion

All of the above are my basic thoughts and from now on I will have many meetings with citizens to make clear my campaign pledge by this August.

I am standing as a candidate primarily supported by the people of my generation but also by many of my predecessors who have in the past led this city and have been telling me that they support us in this effort. I want to carry forward this campaign with all our energy. “Younger people lead the city and senior people support it.” This is the form of Tsuruoka City  I aim at.

Thank you for your support.

Osamu Minakawa